Sony launches new UWP-D wireless mic system

Sony launches new UWP-D wireless mic system

Sony has updated its UWP-D series wireless microphone system, which are due to begin shipping from December.

The Sony UWP-D wireless mic systems offer support for Multi-Interface Shoe (MI shoe) and a new Digital Audio Interface.

The UWP-D series also enables direct digital audio interface and promises low noise by skipping the D/A and A/D process via a new SMAD-P5 MI shoe adapter.

Utilising the SMAD-P5 MI shoe, audio signals are transmitted from the wireless receiver to a connected camera without a cable connection.

A new ‘NFC SYNC’ feature enables faster frequency setting by automatically scanning for the appropriate frequency. It then allows this channel to be sent to the transmitter via NFC.

Sony’s new UWP-D series is comprised of:

  • UWP-D21: URX-P40 portable receiver and UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter
  • UWP-D22: URX-P40 portable receiver and UTX-M40 handheld wireless microphone
  • UWP-D26: URX-P40 portable receiver, UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter and UTX-P40 plug-on transmitter

The Sony UWP-D21 is available now from retailers such as Adorama or B&H Photo Video. The Sony UWP-D22 and UWP-D26 receivers will be released in December.

For more information visit Sony’s website.