Sony surpasses Canon, Nikon for total full-frame camera sales in Japan

Sony posted gains in its full-frame, APS-C and fixed-lens camera lines

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Sony has overtaken the big two of Canon and Nikon to claim the top spot for total sales of full-frame cameras in Japan.

Figures from market analyst BCN Ranking show that Sony’s market share of full-frame camera sales grew to 38%, while Canon and Nikon decreased to 36% and 24%, respectively.

Sony, in fact, showed growth across all of its imaging business, with APS-C and fixed-lens cameras also posting gains on the year from November 2018 to October 2019.

Sony’s increases were in both unit and value sales. Both Canon and Nikon reported losses in all their segments, save for Canon’s full-frame line, which went up 6% in unit sales but dropped 7% in value sales.

Canon is still reported to be number one in the overall global camera market.

Via Mirrorless Rumors

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