News |Sony number 1 in the US full frame camera market

Sony number 1 in the US full frame camera market

Which Sony A7 Camera: Sony A7R III

An announcement today shows that there’s been a huge shift at the top of the camera market. We’ve seen trends change and finally, it’s happened, no doubt this change has all been due to two cameras launched earlier in the year. It’s no real surprise that Sony becomes the leading full frame manufacturer in the US, now it’s only a matter of time before this trend and Sony’s dominance spreads globally.

Canon and Nikon have traditionally held that top spot, but as they’ve lagged behind with design and innovation, the path to the top was left wide open. The Sony mirrorless Alpha range peaked interest when it was first released and each successive generation has raised the bar when it came to features and specification.

Although the potential was there it was only with the arrival of the A9 and A7 MKIII series that the photographic world really needed to stop and take notice. Now the majority of photographers you ask, at least here in the UK and it seems in the US, are making that switch to Sony.

Sony’s strength in the mirrorless market had already been proved with the Alpha and previous NEX ranges ensuring that they have dominated the mirrorless market for the last six years, now they extend that lead to all full frame cameras.

To celebrate Sony are launching the new ‘Be Alpha’ campaign that will connect new and existing users to the brand and leading Alpha lights in the photography and video world.

The official launch day for ‘Be Alpha’ is the 19th of August and this will be marked by the start of a series of events across North America. You can keep up with these by checking out social platforms for the #BeAlpha tag.

This campaign will also foster growth for new photographers including a push for the ‘Alpha Female’ program. This will promote a variety of grants and mentorship opportunities for female photographers and videographers.

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Sony becomes the leading full frame manufacturer in the US
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Sony becomes the leading full frame manufacturer in the US
There's a huge change at the top of the camera market, as Sony take the top spot in the full frame camera sector in the US.
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