Reviews |Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD Card Reader Review

Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD Card Reader Review

Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD Card Reader review

There was a time when enthusiast and pro-level cameras used CompactFlash (CF) cards for image storage. However, over the last few years we’ve seen a shift towards SD card.  More recently, XQD cards have also become more common than in the past.

Panasonic’s S1 and S1R, for example, have two card slots. One is for SD cards and the other is for XQD media. Meanwhile, Nikon has opted for XQD cards in its Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. 

This change in memory card type means that many photographers are having to change their memory card reader. The Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD card reader is an attractive option as it has two slots, one for XQD cards and the other for SD-type media.

The SD card slot is compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II cards.

Crucially, the card reader also has a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) connection which is compatible with lots of computers yet enables speedy file transfer rates.

For instance, I moved 100 24Mp images (3.0GB) from a UHS-II SD card to a 2019 iMac in under 20 seconds. I was also able to transfer 100 45Mp Nikon Z 7  images (4.52GB) from a Sony G-Series XQD card in under 26 seconds. 


The Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD Card Reader measures just 50 x 14.1 x 98mm and weighs 52g, so it doesn’t take up much space on your desk or weigh-down your camera bag.

It also has a durable plastic construction and both SD and XQD cards slip in smoothly. Most importantly, the supplied cable creates a reliable connection to a computer and images transfer swiftly.

If you’ve recently invested in a camera with an XQD card slot, or XQD and SD cards slots, the Sony MRW-E90 XQD/SD Card Reader could be a good addition to your kit.

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