News |Sony launches CFexpress Type A card and Card Reader

Sony launches CFexpress Type A card and Card Reader

A card reader for CFexpress and SD-type memory cards


To accompany the new Sony A7S III, Sony has announced a new CFexpress Type A memory card and a card reader.

The CEA-G series card is the first CFexpress Type A card to come to market. It’s smaller than the CFexpress Type B cards that we’ve seen to date and it can be used interchangeably with SD-type media.

CFexpress Type A cards aren’t as fast as Type B cards, but they offer read speeds of up to 800MB/s and write speeds up to 700MB/s, which are fine for high-quality 4K video recording.

The new card will be available from September in 80G and 160Gb capacities for €230 and €440 respectively.

CFexpress Type A and SD card Reader

Sony has also announced a new MRW-G2 card reader for CFexpress Type A and SD-type cards. The card reader will retail for €140.


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