News |Sony to host new ‘Kando Trip’ experience for photographers

Sony to host new ‘Kando Trip’ experience for photographers

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Sony is launching what it calls its new flagship ‘Kando Trip’ photography experience, which is now open to public applications.

The ‘Kando Trip’ will take place in Monterey, California, from 9-12 May and will offer more than 20 interactive classes and workshops.

Workshop topics include video storytelling, business and social media advice, software and hardware tutorials, as well as classes on different genres of photography.

Sony says there will also be a series of shoots along Monterey’s stretch of Big Sur coastline. Attendees will also have access to a range of Sony gear, from cameras to lenses and accessories, throughout the trip.

You can apply to attend the Kando Trip on Sony’s AlphaUniverse website.


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