News |Sony firmware 2.00 adds new image protection, AF enhancements

Sony firmware 2.00 adds new image protection, AF enhancements

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Sony has added a range of new image protection features and autofocus enhancements to the A9 via firmware version 2.00, which is now available for download.

Chief among the new Sony A9 firmware Version 2.00 updates is a feature that allows photographers to apply IPTC metadata to all their image files using Sony’s IPTC Metadata Preset software.

What this does is let Sony A9 users embed image setting details within their images, as well as a title and description, the photographer’s information and copyright restrictions and more.

The new Sony A9 firmware update also now allows photographers to assign the “protect image” function to a custom key.

Wired LAN MAC addresses are now also displayed within the image information, and serial numbers can be inserted into an image’s metadata as a result of firmware version 2.00.

AF Enhancements

Sony A9 firmware 2.00 also brings some autofocus improvements when it comes to moving subjects.

Sony says it has enhanced the performance of the A9’s continuous autofocus with the new firmware, and it says the AF-C function is also more stable when zooming in on subjects.

The Sony A9 firmware upgrade also improves the camera’s general operational stability and resolves an issue where its software occasionally flags overheating warnings when the camera is not actually overheated.

The Ver.2.00 firmware upgrade is downloadable for free on the Sony Support site.


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