Sony expands RX0 multi-cam capability with CCB-WD1

Sony expands RX0 multi-cam capability with CCB-WD1

Sony has introduced a new wired control for the RX0 and an update to its PlayMemories app that will allow RX0 users to synchronise multi-camera setups.

The CCB-WD1 Camera Control Box is a new bit of hardware that serves as a control box for the Sony RX0, allowing you to synchronise multiple units.

The back of the unit boasts a multi-port plus ethernet port allowing you to connect it to networks and other devices. One of the major advantages of this is the ability to easily multi-cam and create bullet-time effects.

Sony says that up to 100 units can be connected at one time based on its tests.

Meanwhile, version 6.2 of the PlayMemories Mobile app allows you to connect up to 50 units wirelessly, giving users unprecedented control over a wireless mult-cam setup.

Of course, the cost of this would be unprecedented. Sony hasn’t provided a price for the CCB-WD1 itself, but let’s imagine that you wanted to construct 50-cam set up. An RX0 costs £780, so this would run you just £39,100.

We’re looking forward to the 50 Sony RX0s that Sony is surely to be sending us for testing this new Camera Control Box!