Sony boosts AF, flash control performance in A9 firmware update

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Sony has issued firmware version 3.0 for the Sony A9, which brings a series of autofocus enhancements, as well as to flash control performance.

Sony A9 firmware version 3.0 includes the following new functionality:

Improvements in auto focus performance and functionality:

  • Improves tracking performance of moving subjects in AF-C mode
  • Improves auto focus speed in low light
  • Adds AF Track Sens as a selectable option for custom key settings
  • Adds support for all focus areas when using LA-EA3 mount adaptor
  • (Focus Area options added: Zone, Expand Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF)

Improvements in flash control performance and functionality:

  • Reduced release time lag when shooting with flash
  • Adds support for Slow Sync and Rear Sync when using flash wirelessly
  • Adds support for white balance automatic correction when using color filter of external flash (HVL-F60RM)

Other improvements include a stabilised release time lag when shooting in AF-C mode, and for professional users there is the option to add the Write Serial Number option (On/Off) to the menu for selecting your preference in writing the serial number to the Exif data.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors