News |Sony A7R III matches Nikon D850 in DxO rankings

Sony A7R III matches Nikon D850 in DxO rankings

Sony A7R III Review

The Sony A7R III has matched the Nikon D850 with the highest score of of any non-medium format mirrorless camera in DxOMark’s latest sensor test.

The Sony A7R III has earned overall score of 100, which matches the Nikon D850 and beats its predecessor, the A7R II.

DxO ranks the D850 higher, however, because its sensor earned a higher scores for dynamic range and colour sensitivity scores at its lowest ISO setting. But if you use higher ISOs than ISO 32, the A7R III does better.

The review, written by Camera Jabber’s Angela Nicholson, also gives the A7R III’s sensor a higher Sports (Low Light) score, which indicates it handles noise better than the D850.

For much of the ISO range the A7R III is only 0.3EV better, but it’s approximately a stop by ISO 25,600.

Angela says the Sony A7R III sensor also maintains a high signal-to-noise ratio up to a sensitivity setting of ISO 800, whereas the Nikon D850 should be kept to ISO 500 or lower.

At its lower ISO settings the A7R III has greater dynamic range than the A7R II – which is good news for landscape photographers.

Sony A7R III vs Sony A7R II


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