HOW TO... Snapshot Millionaire: One photo could change your life!

Snapshot Millionaire: One photo could change your life!

Snapshot Millionaire aims to be the world’s richest photo contest open only to amateurs. The first prize target of $1million (USD) is offered exclusively to enthusiasts, Instagrammers, Facebookers, Snappers and Shutterbugs around the world.  Entry Fees start at $2 (USD) per photo with multiple entry discounts across 16 Categories.

Entry fees will fund an expected total prize pool of $1.1million dollars.

With more than 1.2billion photos uploaded and shared on social media every day, Snapshot Millionaire offers people around the globe another reason to share their skills and passion.

Snapshot Millionaire opens 1 September 2017 and the closing date will be announced once the prize pool approaches the target.

You can enter as many photos as you like and take advantage of the Multiple Entry Discounts to increase your chance of winning.

Each of the 16 Photo Categories carries a prize of $5,000 (USD).   One of these Category winners will be the ultimate Snapshot Millionaire.  Multiple cash prizes are also on offer for photos liked by the organiser staff during each week of the contest.

Your photos can be in color or black and white, and even a gentle use of HDR is acceptable.  After preliminary evaluation and selection, the final 100 photos in each category will be judged by an International panel of eight professional photographers. The lead judge is acclaimed Australian photographer Adam Monk.

Snapshot Millionaire example photo

Here’s an example of an opportunity photo with the photographer being in the right place at the right time. This rare candid photo of Muhammad Ali was ‘snapped’ in London by Snapshot Millionaire’s founder and ‘amateur’ at the time, Neil Watson, prior to Ali’s fight against Henry Cooper in 1966. This slightly out of focus shot was described by Ali’s trainer, Angelo Dundee, as one of the finest he’d seen of Ali outside the ring. Not all photos have to be ultra sharp to be a winner – it’s the wow factor and story that counts.

Who can Enter?

Snapshot Millionaire is a skills based competition. It’s open to any amateur photographers over the age of 18 (under 18 requires guardian approval).

The term ‘amateur’ defines anyone who earns less than $20,000 (USD) per year from their photographic endeavours or their primary income is NOT derived from Photography.

Test your skill and passion for photography by challenging yourself to ‘snap’ something different. The categories give you plenty of scope.

Snapshot Millionaire example photo

In this example, a young ballerina is practising her talent in as yet unfinished, but soon to be opened ballet centre. The light from the windows perfectly highlighting her grace and beauty while creating the ambience of the ballet itself.

How to Enter

Entry to any of the 16 categories can be via the website: or via the mobile app. Following this link to download the Android app, the iOS app is in the pipeline.

Each entry must be an original photograph shot by the entrant.

Further details and conditions of entry can be found on the competition website:

Snapshot Millionaire example photo

Time to say Goodbye – here’s a poignant moment in time from 2008, the sailing away for the last time of the Cunard passenger liner QE2 from the port of Fremantle in Western Australia. This historic moment was captured by our intrepid photographer Neil Watson who ironically, when working in the UK, photographed the QE2 in dry dock shortly before her launch in 1967 making the ‘snap’ all the more memorable…and the type of story telling photo perfect for Snapshot Millionaire.


Snapshot Millionaire: one photo could change your life
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Snapshot Millionaire: one photo could change your life
Snapshot Millionaire aims to be the world’s richest photo contest open only to amateurs. The FIRST PRIZE target is $1million!
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