News |SmallRig announces the powerful RC 220 Point source video lights.

SmallRig announces the powerful RC 220 Point source video lights.

SmallRig RC 220

SmallRig increases its powerful lighting range by introducing the new App controllable RC220 Point-Source light. The new lamp offers outstanding quality, power, remote app control and operation.

The RC 220 follows on from the highly successful RC 120 point-source video lights. The new model offers even more flexibility all in a lightweight form that weighs in at just 1.65kg, making it incredibly easy to mount while supplying plenty of bright illumination.

The RC 220 is available in two configurations, the RC 220D which has been designed for daylight (5600K), and the RC 220B, which offers bi-colour temperature control from (2700 – 6500K), enabling hue, colour matching and far more.

The lights have been carefully designed with the video market in mind and offer a high luminescence; the RC 220D (220W) centre illuminance reaches 98,700 Lux# at 1 meter (3.3 ft), and the RC 220B (220W) centre illuminance reaches 84,500 Lux# at 1 meter (3.3 ft). Control output from 0 ~ 100%.  (with hyper reflector).

Colour Accuracy is as always incredibly important. To this end, the lamps offer CRI/TLCI scores of 96+/95+, RC 220 Series lights produce professional-level colour reproduction and rendering and consistent, stable colour output.

Incorporated into the lamp is the ability for complete App control: the SmallGoGo App allows individual or group control of SmallRig lights up to 100m (328 ft) away. Remotely control the light output, special effects, colour temperature (RC 220B only) and more.

Video lights have the potential to get extremely hot. Here an ultra-quiet active cooling system has been incorporated: the automatic circuitry activates the extremely quiet fan (<30dB) when needed for stable performance and safe, continuous use without disturbing video recording.

Ensuring easy diffusion and light modelling options, the lamp features a standard Bowens Mount: this enables you to quickly attach or remove SmallRig softboxes or choose from the impressive range of fully compatible light shaping accessories offered by other brands.

Ensuring flexibility both out in the field and the studio, the lamps offer a dual Power Supply System with either an adapter or popular V-mount batteries for in-the-field productions. 

Price & Availability
RC 220B Bi-Color Point-Source Video Light (RRP Price: $369 US)
RC 220D Daylight Point-Source Video Light (RRP Price: $329 US)

The SmallRig RC 220 COB Lights are available for order worldwide


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