Skylum updates Luminar with new ‘Human Aware’ technology

Skylum updates Luminar with new ‘Human Aware’ technology

Skylum has rolled out Luminar 3.1, which introduces a new Human Aware technology that recognises people in your images and makes automatic adjustments.

Powered by Skylum’s new Accent AI 2.0 technology, which replaces version 1.0, Luminar 3.1 promises to shoulder the burden of more common editing jobs by automatically detecting your exposures and correcting their shadows and highlights.

Likewise, with the new Human Aware technology, Luminar 3.1 will detect skin tones and adjust them accordingly.

Skylum says its Accent AI 2.0 also delivers better tones, more accurate colours and handles fine details more delicately.

There’s also a new range of presets and filters to choose from. A new Sunrays filter, for instance, automatically masks the light so it passes through trees, around mountains, as well as objects and subjects. You can even use it to create light beams in your images.

There are also more than 70 new ‘Luminar Looks’ created by professional photographers that you can download and apply to your images and adjust the effect using a slider.

Skylum says it has also simplifed removing unwanted objects from your images by selecting and deleting them.

Luminar 3.1 also makes it easier to import both Raw + JPEG files, as well as rate and organise images.

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