Skylum to add AI Structure tool in Luminar 4

Skylum to add AI Structure tool in Luminar 4

Skylum will add an AI Structure content-aware tool to its forthcoming Luminar 4 software, which will allow users to add detail and structure to images.

With Luminar 4’s AI Structure filter, photographers will be able to enhance localised areas of an image without creating noise and halos around neighbouring sections of the scene.

The tool will use content-aware algorithms to make enhancements that boost hidden details and local contrast.

Skylum says Luminar 4 will use machine learning to automatically identify people, faces, buildings and more and make adjustments locally rather than across the whole image.

Luminar 4 will also have Structure Boost Technology controls, which will allow users to take content-aware editing a step further for extra detail.

The announcement follows the new AI Sky Replacement tool Skylum announced last month. Both tools will be part of the new Luminar 4 update which is coming later this year.

You can pre-order Luminar 4 now from Skylum’s website.