SJCAM launches Gimbal 2 for action cameras

SJCAM launches Gimbal 2 for action cameras

SJCAM has announced the SJ Gimbal 2 stabiliser for use with SJCAM action cameras, as well as GoPro cameras and other rival brands.

The big upgrade over the previous SJ Gimbal is that SJCAM has given the Gimbal 2 four different modes. A Basic Follow Mode provides a horizontal-only rotation in the same direction as the gimbal handle.

Lock Mode keeps the Gimbal 2 locked in one direction, which you can change using the joystick on the handle.

Free Follow Mode will enable the SJ Gimbal 2 to follow movement in whatever direction the handle is pointing.

And Selfie Angle (pressing the mode button twice) makes the camera swing around on its axis and face the person holding it.

SJCAM has used brushless motors in the Gimbal 2, which the company says eliminates jittering and provides more stable footage and range of motion (320° tilting, 320° rolling and 640° panning).

Battery life is six hours, and the SJ Gimbal 2 will also charge any camera that’s mounted to it. There’s also Bluetooth control.

The SJ Gimbal 2 is compatible with SJCAM action cameras the SJ8 Plus, SJ8 Pro and SJ8 Air, as well as the GoPro Hero, YI Cam, Sony RXO and other popular action cameras.

The SJ Gimbal 2 price tag is £77.60 / $99.99.

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