Product Snap Verdict

Sitting somewhere between monopod and tripod is the the Sirui P-224S. Essentially a monopod with feet. It supplies a firmer base than a mono and is more convenient than a tripod.

As Ali’s our go to video guy he’s been checking it out, and from what he’s told it’s a product he’d comfortably add to his kit bag.

It’s a universal support that offers outstanding stability. It offers some flexibility of movement when the ball head is released making it ideal for both video and stills.

Monopods are great for stills, but when it comes to video although they offer support there can still a tendency to sway. The P-224S’s small feet cuts the sway and supplies exactly the type of support and stability that’s needed.

Here Ali checks out the in’s and out’s of the Sirui P-224S monopod with feet.

For the Sirui P-224S

  • Light weight
  • Minimal footprint
  • Ideal support for video

Against the Sirui P-224S

  • Heavier than a monopod
  • Bolts around feet can come loose
  • Not a standalone support

Introduction to the Sirui P-224S Monopod Review

Video’s teaters on the edge of something big in the photographic world and has done for well over a decade. Although that big breakthrough still hasn’t fully happened most dSLR’s and CSC’s feature a swathe of high quality video features.

As we wait for the big home movie explosion many accessories are adapting to become more movie friendly.

The humble monopod is one such accessory that has already seen several different adaptations and this makeover sees the base adorned with three fold down feet for added stability.

Not only that but a small ball head positioned between the feet and legs enables smooth fluid movement when needed. Ideal for videographers or photographers who want something a little more substantial than a monopod, but don’t want to take the leap to a tripod.

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