Singh-Ray Bryan Hansel Waterfall filter combines polarizer and ND

Singh-Ray Bryan Hansel Waterfall filter combines polarizer and ND

Singh-Ray has launched the Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer, which combines a polarizer and a solid ND filter.

Priced from $370 to $650, the Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer combines the effects of two filters in one and is designed for capturing that milky white, long-exposure effect of waterfalls and river rapids.

It’s available in sizes from 49mm up to 105mm with the standard ring. There are also Thing Ring, P Sprocket and Z-Pro Sprocket options available with further size options.

Singh-Ray also offers some tips for using the new Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer:

  • If you plan on using a wide-angle lens, buy the thin-mount version.
  • If it’s dark outside, the camera may have trouble focusing through the Waterfall Polarizer. Try a different focus point, turn the polarizer to the minimum effect or take off the polarizer (I recommend XUME Quick Release Magnetic Rings), focus and then turn off your focus system and take the shot.
  • When shooting ultra-wide, only part of the waterfall/river may polarize. Rotate the filter until you get the effect you want.
  • Waterfalls shoot best on overcast or rainy days, use the Waterfall Polarizer to add contrast, remove reflections and increase color saturation.

For more details, visit Singh-Ray’s website.