News |Sigma fp firmware extends 4K raw video capability

Sigma fp firmware extends 4K raw video capability

The new Sigma fp firmware also adds support for raw video in Full HD at 120fps

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Sigma has announced a major firmware update for the full-frame fp camera which adds the ability to record 4K raw video when paired with Atomos and Blackmagic recorders.

Sigma fp firmware version 2.0 now supports DCI 4K 12bit HDMI Raw output when paired with the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder. The Sigma fp also now supports recording Blackmagic RAW codec over HDMI with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G models.

In fact, the new Sigma fp firmware goes far beyond this 4K raw video support and introduces a raft of new features, such as raw video playback, support for Full HD raw video at 120fps, cinemagraphs, HDR movies and much more. Below is a list of all the new features and functionality.

New features in Sigma fp firmware 2.0

  • Supports Dual Base ISO (ISO100 and ISO3200)
  • Improves AF performance
  • Improves accuracy with evaluative exposure metering
  • Improves image quality
  • Supports CinemaDNG 25 and 29.97 fps (UHD 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 fps (FHD 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps (FHD 8bit and 10bit) shooting
  • ‘OFF’ option available in Color mode
  • Exposure adjustment available in QS (Quick Set)
  • Tone control setting ‘Auto (Mild / Strong)’ available during movie shooting
  • Supports USB Video Class (UVC) settings adjustments while the fp is connected to USB
  • Supports time code generation
  • Compatible with BWF format
  • Supports file size changes at aspect ratio 7:6
  • Supports changes to shutter sound effect
  • Supports cinemagraph creation and playback
  • Supports CinemaDNG footage playback
  • Supports still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode
  • Supports still image capture from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the SIGMA fp
  • Supports HDR in movie shooting
  • Supports still and movie shooting in Directors Viewfinder mode
  • Supports camera control in USB mode

Click here to download the new Sigma fp firmware.


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