Sigma confirms price for MC-21 L Mount converter

Sigma confirms price for MC-21 L Mount converter

Sigma has confirmed price information for its new MC-21 Mount Converter for L Mount lenses, which has a release date set for the end of April.

Sigma says that the MC-21 converter for Canon EF mount lenses will be priced at £249.99, while the Sigma SA mount version will cost £99.

The release of the MC-21 converter opens up some 29 Sigma lenses that can be uses with the L Mount system.

Among the features of Sigma’s MC-21 filter are a built-in LED that notifies users when a lens’s firmware can be updated, as well as whether the mounted lens is compatible.

Lens data for each optic is also pre-loaded into the MC-21, optimising autofocus and aperture controls.

The MC-21 also supports correction functions such as peripheral illumination, chromatic aberrations and distortion.

What’s more, the converteralso boasts a screw thread socket for attaching a tripod.