Shooting with a Sony Mavica: step back in time to when digital cameras used floppy disks


We all can probably remember our first digital camera, and the doubts we may have had about where this was going to go.

In the beginning, early digital cameras just were no match for the quality of film and were cumbersome to use. But there was something intriguing about them.

Over time they gradually got better, and today there is little they cannot do. In this excellent video, Youtuber the 8 Bit Guy steps back in time to the days of 1 megapixel resolution and hits the city streets to shoot with with a Sony Mavica and three other early digital cameras.

The Mavica and the other cameras on test here all used floppy disks to record their images and were very slow and offered poor image quality by today’s standards. But as 8 Bit Guy shows, if used with a bit of creativity you can get great images.

Which again shows that it’s not so much the camera, as the creative eye behind it.


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