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Shooting New York City with the Fuji X100F Review

Amy Davies using the Fuji X100F in NYC

Choosing a camera for a personal project when you’re in the privileged position of having many to review at any one time can be a tricky decision.

I’m taking a trip to New York to celebrate my 30th birthday and thought long and hard about the camera I wanted to pack with me.

I’ve been to the city before, so I know exactly how photo opportunities present themselves on virtually every corner. New York is of course home to some of the most photographed landmarks, buildings and vistas in the world.

However, I don’t particularly I want to takie those kinds of photos on this trip. One of the things I’ve always loved about other photographers’ images of New York is street style photography. So, when I heard the Fuji X100F was going to be available around the time of my trip, I knew it was likely to be the ideal camera to take with me to emulate that kind of style. Hopefully, I end up with some unique images, rather than just yet another shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

When you have an interchangeable lens camera, and many lenses to go with it, the temptation is to take them everywhere with you, “just in case”. With the X100F, there’s a single focal length (35mm equivalent) – a classic length loved by street photographers for decades. If you can’t get the shot you want with that lens, you’ll have to accept it’s not meant to be and get on with your day – rather than fiddling around changing lenses to try and get what you need (and potentially missing out on something more interesting happening while you’re at it).

Along with that single focal length, which I’m sure will feel oddly freeing, there’s a large (APS-C format) sensor, inside a body which is small enough to fit into my travel bag and it’s replete with old-school dials and buttons to help me get the shot as soon as it happens in front of me (that’s the plan anyway).

I’ve used all of Fuji’s previous X100 cameras, so I’ll be keen to find out how the X100F is different. All three were wonderful performers, so if this camera can build on that, I should be extremely pleased with the images it produces.

I’ll report back more on my findings when I’m back from the trip – but for now, I’ll be uploading new photos to the below album as I go, so keep checking back to see how I’m (and the camera) getting on.


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