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Shimoda Women’s Collection backpacks announced

Shimoda Womens Series Action X25 v2

In recognition that one size does not fit all, backpack manufacturer Shimoda has launched a range of 5 backpacks specifically designed for female photographers. The new bags are supplied with Shimoda’s Women’s Tech Straps, previously available and shaped to suit women.

The five models comprise three sizes of Action X v2 backpacks and two sizes of Explore v2 backpack, all available in a new ‘Teal Colourway’ that is exclusive to the Women’s Collection. They are the Action X25 v2 Action X30 and Action X40 (with capacities of 25L, 30L and 40L respectively) and the Explore 25 v2 and Explore 30 v2 (with capacities of 25L and 30L respectively).

Like all Shimoda bags, the new Shimoda women’s collection is made from high-quality materials to survive serious use.

As well as the straps, the female-specific features include dual sternum straps, a removable, adjustable waist belt, a ladder system for adjusting the height of the strap attachment, multiple accessory mounting points and with the Action, the ability to change the capacity of the bag with the roll top.

Danny Dullforce, Product Marketing Manager, commented, “We have seen an
overwhelming response worldwide to the harness straps that were made specifically for
women. Having acknowledged that no other bag brand had a specific women’s range, we
undertook the research and feedback was so positive we decided to launch the range in
time for women to make the most of their adventures during the summer months.”

Shimoda Women’s collection price and availability

The Women’s Collection backpacks are set to retail for:
Action X25 v2 Women’s Starter Kit (w/ Small Mirrorless Core Unit) – £375.00
Action X30 v2 Women’s Starter Kit (w/ Medium Mirrorless Core Unit) – £385.00
Action X40 v2 Women’s Starter Kit (w/ Medium DSLR Core Unit) – £425.00
Explore v2 25 Women’s Starter Kit (w/ Small Mirrorless Core Unit) – £335.00
Explore v2 30 Women’s Starter Kit (w/ Medium Mirrorless Core Unit) – £369.00

The Shimoda Women’s series is available from today, 1st June 2023.

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