News |Sekonic Announces Radio Transmitter Modules for L-858D

Sekonic Announces Radio Transmitter Modules for L-858D

Sekonic New Radio Transmitter Modules for L-858D

Light measurement manufacturer Sekonic has just announced their new radio transmitter modules L-858D for the wireless triggering of Godox and broncolor flash units.

Sekonic have long been the leaders in developing accurate, high-quality tools for photographers and cinematographers who need to measure and control light.

The two new models are the SE RT-BR for broncolor and the SE RT-GX for Godox. Each will help you as the photographer to simplify the process of accurately measuring the light.

broncolor Radio Transmitter – SE RT-BR

The first of the two units is the SE RT-BR designed for use with broncolor lighting. The small unit is designed to be user-replaceable that fits in neatly next to the batteries of the SPEEDMASTER L-858D light meter. 

The small module ensures you can wirelessly control the power of your flash units, what makes this unit so clever is that it measures the % of flashlight in the scene and then adjusts the power so that you get the perfect mix of flash and ambient light. 

To ensure that there’s no other interference if working in a studio environment or locations where radio frequencies can be an issue the unit has full radio compatibility with 99 radio studio addresses and 40 Lamp addresses.

The wireless unit has a workable distance of up to 30m, before getting started your L-858D will need a firmware update that can be applied through the usual Data Transfer Software.

Godox Radio Transmitter SE RT-GX:

The second unit is the SE RT-GX wireless radio flash designed for Goddox flash units. 

The SE RT-GX features 32 channels of full radio compatibility and 16 groups (A-F, 0-9) of wireless ID’s. Again the unit has a 30m range with the added feature that it can measure HSS.

The new Godox Radio Transmitter (SE RT-GX) will be available for £154.95 / €174.99

The new broncolor Radio Transmitter (SE RT-BR) will be available for £154.95 / €174.99

The new Radio Transmitters will be available from photographic retailers and 


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