News |SD Express 8.0 promises speeds up to 4GB/s

SD Express 8.0 promises speeds up to 4GB/s

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The SD Association has announced SD Express 8.0, a new memory standard that promises transfer speeds of up to 4GB per second.

SD Express 8.0’s data transfer speeds are four times faster than the original standard and now rival the new CFexpress format.

The new technology employs a two-lane PCIe 4.0 connection to utilise more bandwidth. This will mean a third row of connection pins on the bottom of the card.

This should provide a big benefit to those who need to capture 4K or even 8K video, or shoot raw files in burst mode.

Of course, no SD cards at these speeds exist yet. No manufacturer has yet to even produce the previous SD Express 7.0 standard, so it could be some time before we see these cards on the market.

Via Engadget


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