News |Saramonic debuts two new shotgun microphones

Saramonic debuts two new shotgun microphones

Saramonic debuts two new shotgun microphones

Saramonic has launched two new shotgun-style camera and video microphones, the Saramonic SRTM1 (price tag £227.94) and SRTM7 (price tag £455.94).

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kenro, the Saramonic SRTM1 is a mid-range directional shotgun microphone featuring a Cardioid polar pattern, with frequency range 40-20k Hz.

Designed for DSLR videographers and film production, the Saramonic SRTM1 offers a 150Hz HPF low cut switch, +6dB high frequency boost, and -10dB Pad.

The SRTM1 – price tag £227.94 including VAT – is also designed for field recording, sound design and broadcast applications.

Other features include a built-in lithium battery which Kenro claims lasts for about 150 hours of use and can be charged via USB.

What’s more, a High Pass Filter reduces low frequency and infrasonic rumble from HVAC systems and ambient sound, while the -10dB Pad attenuates microphone input for recording loud sounds without clipping, Kenro says.

The High Frequency Boost restores some of the high frequency content that is lost when a blimp or windshield is placed over the microphone, to improve the clarity of speech.

Also launched is the new Saramonic SRTM7, which Kenro describes as a ‘super’ cardioid directional shotgun-style microphone with an upgraded specification.

The SRTM7 – price tag £455.94 including VAT – also offers theUSB rechargeable battery and boasts a frequency range of 20-20k Hz with a 75 / 150 low cut switch, +6 dB high frequency boost and -10dB pad.

Maximum SPL is 145 dB and the signal to noise ratio is also higher at 80 dB SPL (per 1EC651). As with the SRTM1, the built-in lithium battery lasts for 150 hours of use.


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