UPDATED: Samyang XP lenses reportedly pulled in Sweden due to design conflict with Zeiss

Samyang XP lenses reportedly pulled in Sweden due design conflict with Zeiss

A Swedish photographic distributor has reportedly pulled two of Samyang’s premium XP lenses from the marketplace due to what’s being called a potential design conflict with Zeiss.

Focus Nordic has reportedly contacted photographic retailers in Sweden and asked them to stop selling the Samyang Premium XP 50mm f/1.2 and Premium XP 85mm f/1.2 and return the existing inventory currently in shops.

Swedish blogger Fotosidan reports that the reason for this recall is down to a design conflict with Zeiss. Fotosidan writes:

Focus Nordic has announced to all its dealers that Samyang’s 50 mm and 85 mm lens in the premium series XP will cease to be sold. The reason is a conflict with Zeiss.

Inspired or copied? seems to be a core issue in the dispute about how Samyang designed its premium lenses in the XP series. The two objections that the dispute concerns, and which ends selling are:

Samyang Premium XP 50mm F / 1.2
Samyang Premium XP 85mm F / 1.2

Dealers are advised to immediately remove the products from their websites and return the items in stock.

Focus Nordic distributes for both Samyang and Zeiss in Sweden. We reached out to Focus Nordic for comment to see if the reports of a recall were true. A spokesperson for Focus Nordic got back to us and confirmed the story:

Thank you for your interest in Samyang. Yes it is true. We were informed to take these lenses out of the market due to a pending design dispute.

The spokesperson referred us to Samyang Korea for more information, and said that Focus Nordic isn’t aware of details of the dispute

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