Samyang launches VDSLR 16mm T2.6 cine lens

Samyang launches VDSLR 16mm T2.6 cine lens

Samyang has launched a new VDSLR 16mm T2.6 cine lens, price tag £529, which is designed for video shooting with uncoupled gear rings with T numbers.

The new Samyang cine lens completes the company’s VDSLR lens range and brings the total of cine lenses for DLSR cameras to 12, with 19 video lenses in total: 13 for DSLRs and six for mirrorless cameras.

The full range of Samyang VDSLR Cine Lenses for full frame sensors ranges from Samyang’s 8mm fisheye through to a 135mm telephoto lens, and for DSLRs with APS-C sensors, lenses range from 8mm to a 50mm lens.

Samoan says the new VDSLR 16mm T2.6 will be released in June 2017.

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