News |Samsung release ultrafast SSD X5

Samsung release ultrafast SSD X5


Samsung has announced the new Samsung SSD X5 which brings a high-end portable storage solution to your photography and video work.

This new drive utilises the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology so you can be sure that the speed of your storage keeps up with the latest cameras and machines.

There’s nothing worse than booting up a new Intel i9 or AMD Ryzen machine to start work on the latest batch of images or video only to be handed an old-school USB 3.0 optical drive.

Those old USB drives don’t just lag behind the latest Thunderbolt SSD’s, they also drag your system down.

These days you need the speed and power of a Thunderbolt SSD in order to edit 4K video and high-resolution images without having to wait for your old optical drive.

The new X5 offers up to 40Gbps bandwidth, that’s an incredible 4 times faster than USB 3.0. The SSD drive itself offers a read speed of 2,800 MB/s which is up to five times faster than a standard SATA interface used with many external SSD drives.

Compare the Thunderbolt 3 enabled X5 to an old optical external drive and you can expect up to twenty-five and a half times more transfer speed.

Write speeds are impressive at 2,300 MB/s, in real terms, this will enable you to transfer 20GB of data in just 12 seconds, that’s nowhere near enough time to grab a coffee.

The X5 has been designed for use with both Mac and PC and has capacity options up to 2TB.

Ensuring the drive stays protected it features a full-metal case with a non-slip bottom. This housing has been tested for ruggedness by being dropped from a 2m height, which it survived.

The X5 will be available from Monday the 3rd of September and will set you back a cool £359.99 for the 500GB model, £629.99 for the 1TB model and £1,249.99 for the 2TB model. For more information, please visit or

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Samsung release ultrafast SSD X5
The latest machines offer blistering speeds when it comes to editing the hi-resolution video and still but all to often can be slowed down by old hard drives. That all changes with the ultra-fast Samsung SSD X5
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