Samsung patents ‘flying display device’ drone

Samsung patents ‘flying display device’ drone

Samsung has filed a patent with the US government for what it’s calling a ‘flying display device’ that can analyse the user’s movements and pupil and respond in kind.

The Samsung drone patent was filed with the USPTO back in 2016 but was published last week and discovered by Let’s Go Digital. In the middle of the device is a display, with four propellers positioned in the four corners on the outside.

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Interestingly, the Samsung flying display device, according to its patent, can detect facial expressions and even the pupil of the user’s eye, in addition to gestures and movements, as commands.

The patent also says the user change the drone’s position or angle by staring at it and moving along in the direction you want it to move.

The patent also suggests the Samsung flying display device will boast voice recognition. Other features, according to the patent are gyro and motion sensors, a speedometer multi-functional use of the display.

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