Samsung’s Gear 360 camera has fallen in price by more than 40% on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that the heavily discounted camera is the previous iteration of Samsung’s Gear 360. The company updated its 360 camera with 4K video and a new handheld design last month.

But while supplies last you can purchase the original version of the Gear 360 for just $185, some 47% off its normal retail price on Amazon US. Or you can purchase it at 37% off for just £225 on Amazon UK.

The Samsung Gear boasts front and rear lenses that each capture images 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, which the camera then combines into a 360-degree field of view.

The Gear 360 is also capable of time-lapse and loop recording and can be paired with your Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth, which you can then use to transform its screen into a remote viewfinder as well as to transfer files.

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