Samsung 1000fps smartphone camera sensor reportedly in development

Samsung 1000fps smartphone camera sensor reportedly in development

Samsung is reportedly developing a new image sensor for its smartphone cameras that is capable of 1,000fps shooting, according to reports.

South Korean news agency ETNews has stated that the company is working on a ‘3-layered image sensor’, which is comprised of TSV stacking technology along with a DRAM chip and system semiconductor.

ETNews says that Samsung has the equipment and will start work on the new sensor as soon as next month.

High frame rates like this allow photographers to create slow motion videos. The GoPro Hero6 Black, for instance, is rumoured to shoot 1080 video at 240fps, allowing for slow-motion playback. Footage at 1000fps would allow for even slower motion videos.

It’s the DRAM chip in the 3-layer sensor and its capacity for temporary storage is what will enable the ultra-fast frame rate.

As DPReview points out, ETNews has been accurate with its Samsung information in the past, and says the company hopes its new sensor will compete with Sony’s similar technology, found in phones like the Xperia XZ.

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