Ryze, DJI launch programmable Tello EDU drone

Ryze, DJI launch programmable Tello EDU drone

Ryze Tech, with support from DJI, has launched the Tello EDU drone, a new update to its previous unit that adds support for more programming languages and drone swarms.

The Tello EDU follows on from the Tello, which launched earlier this year and has been lauded as one of the best beginner drones on the market.

As well as beginner-friendly, the Tello has been popular thanks to its programmability. The Tello EDU drone builds on this, allowing users to now program it with Scratch, Swift and Pythons.

It comes with four Mission Pads, physical waypoints the drone can recognize and respond to.

The Tello EDU also allows users to access the video stream data and discover more advanced controls like basic gesture controls by coding.

Like the original Tello, the Tello EDU also boasts an HD camera and the same range of flying modes. There’s also a new companion app with virtual missions to challenge young drone pilots.

The Tello EDU price tag is £139 / €159 and is available now from the DJI Store and Apple.