News |Rylo 360 camera lets you re-frame footage after shooting it

Rylo 360 camera lets you re-frame footage after shooting it

Rylo 360 camera lets you re-frame footage after shooting it

The makers of the Instagram app Hyperlapse have launched a new wearable 360 camera called Rylo, price tag $499, which lets you re-frame video after it’s shot.

Similar to the Insta360 One and GoPro Fusion, the Rylo camera will record 360-degree videos, from which you can then generate an HD video in standard format by choosing a subject of interest from within your scene.

The Rylo camera is also promising sophisticated editing software that will allow you to change the direction of view or pick out key points of interest and follow them within your 360 footage.

A FrontBack feature inserts a frame within the frame showing your point of view and reactions, while a Timelapse mode lets you speed up your videos to create a timelapse effect without a tripod.

A Points feature lets you create cinematic effects by tapping on certain key points in your 360 scenes. The Rylo camera then shows a smooth transition between the two.

Meanwhile, Follow lets you track action by tapping a moving subject. Rylo then adjusts its orientation to follow its movements within the frame.

To view your footage instantly, all you have to do is plug the Rylo into your smartphone and play it back.

The Rylo boasts dual 208-degree f/2.8 lenses that capture 4K video at 30fps, and stills at 6K resolution. The lenses are also built by Rylo themselves.

The Rylo camera weighs just 108g thanks to its anodised aluminium alloy body, and on the front is an OLED screen displaying battery life and camera mode.

A button on the side powers on the Rylo camera and record video.

Visit Rylo’s website for more information.

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