News |Rumours suggest Sony to release entry-level full-frame camera

Rumours suggest Sony to release entry-level full-frame camera

Sony camera rumours 2016

Rumours are circulating that Sony is set to announce a new entry-level full-frame camera that could be the first model in a brand new Alpha system.

The rumours began after a Taiwanese patent revealed a new camera that will feature a single SD card slot, a USB Type C port, a mic port and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Little else is known, and admittedly this seems like heavy speculation, but with the new Nikon Z5 and the Canon EOS RP on the market, a Sony beginner full-frame camera would seem like a logical next step for the company.

What could we expect from a Sony entry-level full frame camera? You could likely expect a price tag less than £1,500 / $1,500, solid video capability and a killer AF system.

We’ll report more as details emerge, but for now this is very much ‘watch this space.’

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