News |Rotolight Neo 3, Aeos 2 lights announced, prices confirmed

Rotolight Neo 3, Aeos 2 lights announced, prices confirmed

Rotolight Neo 3 and Aeos 2

The Rotolight Neo 2 and Aeos have both been put to good use at Jabber HQ so we’re excited to see the launch of the Rotolight Neo 3 and Aeos 2 on Kickstarter.

Rotolight is an award-winning British LED lighting company with some great products. The latest generation sees the lights gain power and become more intuitive to use through the use of touch panels and the development of a smartphone app.

Rotolight Neo 3

Rotolight Neo 3

Like the Neo 2, the Rotolight Neo 3 is designed for on or off-camera use and can be used as a continuous light or a flash. It’s compact and, at 354g, light enough to carry in your camera bag plus, according to Rotolight, it’s the brightest on-camera LED light ever produced.

In place of the 6x AA battery compartment on the Neo 2, the Rotolight Neo 3 has a connection for a bespoke rechargeable Li-ion battery. In addition, the simple interface has been upgraded to a full-screen touch panel.

Rotolight will sell the Neo 2 by itself or as a three-light kit with the new rechargeable lithium battery.

Rotolight Aeos 2

Rotolight Aeos 2

While it’s larger than the Neo 3, the Rotolight Aeos 2 is still slim and weighs just under 1.4Kg

The new light debuts ‘the world’s first intelligent softbox’ which enables the degree of diffusion, focus and spread of the light to be controlled electronically via the touchscreen display or the new Rotolight app.


Like their predecessors, the new lights feature an integrated receiver for wireless triggering and can operate in HSS (high-speed sync)mode with no recycle time.

Rotolight has also added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to both lights to enable them to connect to a smartphone and be controlled by the dedicated app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the new Rotolight app enables remote switching of lighting mode as well as remote adjustments to the colour, power, special effects (SFX) and more.

It also allows up to 20 lights to be controlled and added to custom groups.

Rotolight Universal Speedring Adaptor

Rotolight has also announced a Universal Speedring adaptor that enables Bowens-mount light modifiers to be used on the Rotolight Neo and Aeos lights.

Rotolight Neo 3 and Aeos 2 availability

The Rotolight Neo 3 and Aeos 2 are available to pre-order immediately on Kickstarter until November 16th, they will ship in February 2022.

As usual, there are some enticing early bird offers with at least 20% being saved off the retail prices. For example, the Neo 3 is set to retail for £429/$599 with a battery and USB cable, but the pledge price is £352/$479.

Also, a three-light Neo 3 kit with 3 Diffuser Domes, 3 x Batteries, 1 x Dual Channel Fast Battery Charger, 3 x light stands and a Hard Case has a pledge price £1,410/$2399, 20% below the retail price of £1,715/$2,399.

Meanwhile, a single Aeos 2 with a Diffuser Dome, power supply unit and regional cable has an early bird price of £825/$1,119 and a retail price of £999/£1,399.

Visit the Rotolight campaign on Kickstarter for more details and to pre-order.


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