Romeo Balancourt on why the Fuji GFX eliminates the need for in-camera sharpening


In this ‘GFX Challenge’ video from Fuji, photographer Romeo Balancourt shows us a glimpse of his workflow using the Fuji GFX 50S to shoot environmental portraits.

On assignment to shoot portraits of chefs within their restaurants, Balancourt explains how he previously dials in a certain level of in-camera sharpening with his full-frame DSLRs.

With the mirrorless medium format Fuji GFX 50S, though, he says no such sharpening is require.

Balancourt says he used the images from this shoot to make prints that were a metre wide.

Watch the full interview for a glimpse, as well, at the Fuji GFX 50S menu system – particularly the Quick menu – and how simple it appears to be to change the AF point.

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