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Rode Wireless ME, Rode Capture announced

Road Wireless Me - the box contents

Building on the success of the Rode Wireless Go II and its predecessor the Wireless Go, Rode has announced the Wireless ME, a new clip-on wireless mic kit that’s designed for content creators to ‘grab-and-go’.

The Rode Wireless ME includes a transmitter and receiver, each with a broadcast-quality microphone built-in. It uses Rode’s Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission and 128-bit encryption for clear audio recording with over 100m range. There’s also Intelligent Gain Assist technology onboard to control audio levels automatically.

Road Wireless Me - the receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX)
Road Wireless Me receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX)

Rode includes the cables required to connect the Wireless ME to cameras, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), and computers (Mac and Windows), with control over the settings via Rode Central. The Rode Wireless ME is also compatible with Rode Connect, Rode Reporter and the new Rode Capture app.

The Wireless ME transmitter and receiver are paired straight out of the box to make setting up the Rode Wireless ME easy. The microphone in the receiver, known as the ‘ME Mic’, acts as a narrator mic and allows the voice of the person behind the camera to be recorded as well as the voice of the person in front. This means that two-way conversations and interviews can be recorded. It’s also possible to connect a second Wireless ME or Wireless GO II transmitter to the receiver, for dual-channel recording or a wireless three-microphone system.

Road Wireless Me - the windmuff and external mic connectors

Rode’s GainAssist technology utilises intelligent algorithms to control the audio level automatically and ensure it’s balanced with no clipping or distortion. According to Rode, this technology is more advanced than the standard automatic gain control features found in cameras and other audio devices, and it delivers clean audio with no level pumping or elevation of background noise. There are two GainAssist modes, ‘Auto’ and ‘Dynamic’, and the output gain can be adjusted to match the recording device.

Rode Capture

Rode Capture, launched at the same time as the Wireless ME, is a free iOS video app that enables users to control their smartphone (iPhone) video and audio in the same app. It’s compatible with the Wireless ME, Wireless GO II, VideoMic GO II, and more.

As well as enabling microphone features to be turned on and off, Rode Capture can be used to activate digital signal processing, adjust audio levels and access advanced configuration options.

Rode Capture also gives control over the video that’s recorded on an iPhone, enabling the aspect ratio, and video resolution to be adjusted. It’s Dual Cam mode also sets the iPhone to use the front and selfie cameras simultaneously, producing split screen or picture-in-picture clips that are ideal for interviews. This dovetails nicely with the Wireless ME’s in-built transmitter and receiver microphones.

Rode Wireless ME price and availability

The Rode Wireless ME goes on sale immediately, price $149/£159.


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