News |Rode Wireless Go II firmware update adds new features

Rode Wireless Go II firmware update adds new features

Rode Wireless Go II review

Rode has announced a firmware update for its new Wireless Go II dual-channel wireless microphone system to add some extra features.

The most exciting introduction is standalone onboard recording. The Wireless Go II transmitters already feature onboard recording but without the new firmware, it only operates when they are connected to the receiver. The new firmware enables them to record without the receiver being powered up.

Standalone onboard recording is activated/deactivated via Rode Central, Rode’s new computer application, and it can only be activated when the transmitters are in uncompressed mode.

Once the Wireless Go II’s firmware is updated, standalone recording will be activated by default and recording will start as soon as a transmitter is turned on. There is enough storage capacity onboard for around 7 hours of high-quality, uncompressed audio.

Rode’s new firmware also enables a low sensitivity mode for the transmitters. This is useful when they are positioned close to the talent’s mouth, for example when mounted on the Interview Go handheld mic adapter.

In addition, the brightness of the LED on the transmitters can be dimmed following the upgrade and there’s an option to use the transmitter’s power button to add a marker on the onboard recording or mute the transmitter.

Rode Central

Updating the Rode Wireless Go II

To update the Rode Wireless Go II’s firmware, download and install Rode Central and then connect the receiver and each of the transmitters to the computer via the supplied USB-C cables.

Follow the link to download Rode Central.


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