News |Rode launches Vlogger Kit range

Rode launches Vlogger Kit range

Rode's new Vlogger Kit is aimed at YouTubers and includes a VideoMic, SmartGrip, MicroLED and more

Rode launches Vlogger Kit range

Rode has announced a new Vlogger Kit range, price tag $149, which includes a VideoMic, mini tripod, phone grip, LED light and other accessories.

Aimed at YouTubers and TikTok users, the Rode Vlogger Kit accommodates both iOS and Android users. The Kits offer options for iPhone, which includes a RØDE VideoMic Me-L with a Lightning connector, and Android devices, which features the new RØDE VideoMic Me-C with a USB-C connector.

There’s also a Universal Edition of the Kit, which includes a Rode VideoMicro for smartphone users that features a 3.5mm input. This allows you to use the kit with older iPhones and Android models.

The Kit also includes a Rode Tripod 2 mini tripod, which boasts a gimbal head, and a new Rode SmartGrip for recording stable footage.

Also new, the Rode MicroLED on-camera light slots into the SmartGrip.

Other accessories include a clip-on diffuser with eight coloured filters and an all-metal mount that supports phones from 65mm to 85mm wide.

Get the Rode Vlogger Kit on Amazon UK or Amazon US.


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