Ricoh: we have no plans for a full-frame GR

Ricoh GRIII specs, release date announced at Photokina

Ricoh has no plans to make a GR camera with a full-frame sensor, according to an interview with a senior representative of the company.

Noguchi Hiroshi, general manager of Ricoh’s Smart Vision Business and Camera Divisions, said in an interview with Mobile01 that APS-C format is the ‘most balanced choice’ for sensor in the GR and that Ricoh has no full-frame GR plans for now.

Hiroshi went on to say that that Ricoh could put a full-frame sensor in the GR camera and make it about the same size as the GR III; however, the company believes there would be compromises to make – particularly in lens quality.

Hiroshi also added that Ricoh never considered a curved sensor when it was developing the GR III some two years ago.

Via Pentax Rumors