Ricoh to fix loose control pads on GR III in Japan, Korea

Ricoh GR III Review

The Ricoh GR III has been issued with a notice on certain serial numbers by Ricoh Korea and Ricoh Japan to fix user reports of wobbly control pads on the back of the camera.

Ricoh says that some wiggle is normal on the dial pads in order to enable users to rotate it around; however, after investigating some user reports of too much wobble it has found that some products are indeed in need of a fix.

Ricoh says products within four serial number ranges appear to be affected:

  • 0010046 to 0022290
  • 2010043 to 2012044
  • 3010045 to 3010544
  • 4010041 to 4010230

Ricoh will begin fixing the issue on affected cameras beginning 8 April.

Via Pentax Rumors