News |Ricoh launches partner scheme for developers to enhance Theta V

Ricoh launches partner scheme for developers to enhance Theta V

Ricoh Theta V Review

Ricoh has announced a new ‘Plug-in Partner Program’ for the Theta V 360 camera, which will allow Android developers the opportunity to create plug-ins that will enhance the camera’s functionality.

Because the Ricoh Theta V runs on an Android OS, the move will allow developers to create new apps that extend its capability. Ricoh says:

These can include customized capabilities that enhance the RICOH THETA V’s use for specialty applications and in vertical markets. As part of the program, Ricoh is making available the RICOH THETA V’s application program interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) and will provide tools and guidance to support plug-in development. It will also open an online RICOH THETA V partner marketplace, where plug-ins can be uploaded and shared.

A unique plug-in preinstalled in the RICOH THETA V enables “Remote Playback,” which makes it possible, using a compatible wireless display adapter, to mirror playback of 360-degree still images and video data stored on the camera on a large screen monitor.

Wataru Ohtani, Corporate Associate Vice President and General Manager of the Smart Vision Business Group at Ricoh, adds: “Our goal is for consumers and businesses alike to benefit from RICOH THETA V and to become a standard platform for the 360-degree imagery.”

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