News |Ricoh is developing the next GR camera, priority is K seriess

Ricoh is developing the next GR camera, priority is K series


Ricoh has confided is developing the next generation of the GR series cameras, but that its biggest priority remains the Pentax K Series DSLRs, the company has said in an interview.

In a wide-ranging and candid interview with DPReview, Takashi Arai from Ricoh’s Product Planning Department, told the website that no name has been decided as yet, but ‘the study for the development of the next GR is already ongoing. We cannot say when, and how exactly it will be, but the next GR will come someday.’

Meanwhile, Arai said that resources for research and development are limited at Ricoh, and the company is more focused on developing its K Series bodies and lenses.

He added that Ricoh’s interchangeable lens strategy for its next generation of products is mostly focused on lenses.

Speaking about Ricoh’s Theta series of 360 cameras, Arai said that at the moment the 360 camera market is mostly appealing to gadget lovers, but they are working to expand their appeal by answering user requests for features such as expandable memory and software enhancements.

Arai also confirmed Pentax has no plans to launch another mirrorless camera like the K-01.

Go read the full interview at DPReview.

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