News |Ricoh changes social media pages to ‘Pentax by Ricoh Imaging’

Ricoh changes social media pages to ‘Pentax by Ricoh Imaging’

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In a somewhat curious move, Ricoh Japan has changed the names of its social media accounts from Ricoh Imaging to ‘Pentax by Ricoh Imaging.’

Pentax Rumors noticed the change on Ricoh Japan’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

It could be nothing more than simple re-branding, but it’s timing is somewhat curious given how we recently reported on rumours that Ricoh would be exiting the imaging market and moving its division under the Pentax brand.

The rumours also suggested the new Pentax/Ricoh brand would then release a full-frame Pentax GR-E camera with a newly developed curved sensor. Could the rumours be true?!


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Shaun Whitson
Shaun Whitson
5 years ago