Revolutionary interactive story telling tool, Nassari360 launched

Revolutionary interactive story telling tool Nassari360 launched

A new online software called Nassari360 has launched to enable photographers to embed images, video and audio files into 360 images and create immersive experiences. 

Developed over 10 years, Nassari360 was inspired by John Nassari‘s desire to tell his client’s story in a more interesting and immersive way. Frustrated by the lack of software available to do the job, Nassari decided to develop his own platform. 

Nassari360 has a simple interface that’s designed to simplify creating and editing 360 experiences. 

Aimed at professional photographers, the starting point for Nassari360 is a 360 image. This can be shot using a dedicated 360 camera like the GoPro Fusion, a stills camera mounted on a tripod or even a smartphone with a 360 app.

Photographer John Nassari is best known for his high-end wedding photography. He said “Creating 360 experiences for my clients has transformed my business. I’ve invested years of my life developing this software, which I truly believe is the best on the market – and to prove it, I’ve put my name on it.”

While Nassari has used Nassari360 for wedding and interior photography, it’s suitable for a wide range of applications. Property developers, estate agents and resort managers, for instance, could use it to allow potential clients to see their sites. 

Price Plans

In addition to a free 30-day trial, there are two price plans for Nassari360. Nassari360 Pro is priced at £360 per year while the Pro Plus version is £550 per year. 

The Pro version allows you to create unlimited projects, with up to 6 scenes per project and an unlimited number of hotspots per scene. You also get 25GB of storage. Meanwhile, the Pro Plus version allows unlimited projects and scenes and 100GB of storage included. Both plans allow you to embed video from a Youtube or Vimeo link, but the Pro Plus version lets you host videos on the Nassari360 server.

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