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Wandrd Wrist Strap Review

Wandrd wrist strap

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Our Verdict

While the concept of Wandrd’s Wrist Strap is simple, what sets it apart from some other straps is the ease with which it can be attached or detached from a camera. It has a high-quality, robust feel for a fair price.


  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Discrete
  • Strong


  • Stiff webbing

What is the Wandrd Wrist Strap?

Sometimes you don’t want a big strap, you just want something that keeps your camera safe. Something that prevents it from hitting the ground if it slips from your grasp or that stops a thief from being able to grab it and run off.

As its name suggests, the Wandrd Wrist Strap fits around your wrist instead of your neck or over your shoulder or across your body. It has a thin, but tough Hypalon loop that slips easily through a camera’s strap mount and then fixes in the metal clip.

With the strap attached to your camera, all you need to do is slide the webbing over your hand and pull it to close it a little so that it won’t slide off again.



  • Construction: Recycled soft-touch nylon webbing, metal clip, Hypalon loop
  • Strength: Up to 34Kg / 75lb force
  • Maximum length: 33cm / 13.25inches

You can also purchase the Wandrd Wrist Strap from BH Photo Video in the USA and

Wandrd wrist strap


Once the Wandrd Wrist Strap is attached to your camera and slid over your hand, your camera is safe from an accidental drop. If you do let go of your camera for some reason, the strap leaves it dangling from your wrist. In some cases, for example with a heavy camera or a sudden, forceful drop, the strap will cinch in around your wrist. Sometimes it doesn’t, which is why I suggest tightening the strap a little when you first put it on.

While using a wrist strap means that you have to carry the weight of the camera and lens in your hand rather than over your shoulder or across your body, you’re a little more ready for action. And, when you lift the camera to your eye, you won’t find the Wandrd Wrist strap snagging or getting in the way.

Wandrd has used a metal clip to secure the Wrist Strap loop and although the main part is strong, if you yank the camera or strap in the right direction, you can get the loop out of the clip. It’s unlikely that a thief would be able to do this, especially if you are holding the camera, but it’s something to bear in mind.

The exterior of the main section of the strap’s webbing is reinforced, which makes it feel a bit stiff, but it’s not uncomfortable. It also means that the webbing won’t roll up to form a thinner band that is less comfortable on your wrist and it stays flat so it will feed through the plastic cinch buckle.


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