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Wandrd Sling Strap

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A good camera strap allows you to shoot with freedom and quickly mount your camera on a tripod. The Wandrd Sling Strap is a very good strap. In fact, it’s my current favourite strap. It’s easy to adjust its length quickly, it doesn’t slip and it’s easy to remove and refit. I’d like to see a slightly wider version introduced for big cameras like the Nikon D6 and Fujifilm GFX 100, but the current version is great for a wide range of full-frame, APS-C format and Micro Four Thirds cameras.


  • Easily adjustable length
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Strong


  • Rather thin for heavy cameras
  • The flat-head tool is too wide for attaching many tripod quick release plates

What is the Wandrd Sling Strap?

It doesn’t take long before you start to feel the shortcomings of the average strap that’s supplied with a camera and you start to look at options like the Wandrd Sling Strap.

As ‘Sling’ suggests, the Wandrd Sling Strap can be worn across your body, but its length is adjustable so that it can also be worn over your shoulder or around your neck if you prefer. Helpfully, one side of the strap has a series of non-slip silicone bands towards the middle to give it some purchase on your shoulder.

At 3.2cm or 1.25inches wide, the Wandrd Sling Strap is fairly narrow so is best-suited for use with mirrorless cameras and smaller DSLRs, but it’s capable of carrying loads of up to 45Kg or 100lb.

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Wandrd Sling Strap


  • Construction: Recycled soft-touch nylon webbing, metal clips, Hypalon loops
  • Strength: Up to 45Kg / 100lb force
  • Length: 73.6 – 118.7cm / 29 – 46.75inches
  • Width: 3.2cm / 1.25inches


Like the Wandrd Wrist Strap, the Wandrd Sling Strap attaches to a camera via a thin but tough Hypalon loop and a clip. This loop is easy to slip through most camera strap lugs, but in case you’d rather attach the strap to your camera’s tripod bush, there’s a suitable connector supplied in the box.

The Hypalon loop passes through the camera lug and then into the strap’s metal clip. This means that as well as being fast-fitting, the Wandrd Sling Strap is easy to remove. That’s good news when you’re shooting long exposures with your camera on a tripod, it won’t be tempted to leave the strap on – if it catches in the breeze it’s likely to flap around and cause blur-inducing vibration.

Wandrd Sling Strap

It’s also very easy to adjust the length of the strap, just hook a finger on one of the nylon loops by the plastic sliding buckles at either end of the strap, and pull sharply down to loosen it before pulling up to shorten the strap or down to lengthen it.

Wandrd Sling Strap

One of the great features of the adjustment mechanism is that although it’s easy to change the length of the strap when you want to, it doesn’t slip when you’re walking with the camera hanging by your side. That’s an issue I’ve had with some of Peak Design‘s straps.

If you look carefully at the strap adjustments points you’ll find that one has a cunningly concealed flat-head tool. This is designed to enable the camera base plate to be quickly attached and removed. It’s a great idea, but it could’ve been even more useful. The tool is a bit too wide for many tripod quick release plates. If it had been made a little narrower, it would’ve been a stroke of genius that puts an end to the search for a coin when attaching a camera to a tripod.


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