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The Wandrd Prvke Lite makes a great choice of backpack on those days when you don’t want to carry every accessory and lens you own, but there’s still space for a 70-200mm f/2.8 and another lens or two.

It also has a dedicated laptop sleeve and thanks to Wandrd’s design and choice of materials, it looks smart enough for work. You can even wipe it down if it picks up a bit of mud when you lay it on the ground to open the main compartment fully.

It’s the type of bag you can carry comfortably all day.


  • Rugged design
  • Side access to camera gear
  • Roll-top design for the expandable top section


  • Top handles sometimes get in the way
  • No strap supplied to secure the top of a tripod

What is the Wandrd Prvke Lite?

The Wandrd Prvke Lite is a backpack aimed at owners of mirrorless cameras and small to mid-sized DSLRs. It has an integrated camera cube with movable dividers and a roll-close top section that’s ideal for carrying extras like a packed lunch and an extra layer.

Thanks to the roll-up section, the Wandrd Prvke Lite’s capacity varies between 11L and 16L.


  • Bag type: Backpack
  • Materials: Waterproof Tarpaulin and Robic 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Volume: 11 L to 16 L (roll top fully extended)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 40 x 28 x 14 cm / 16 x 11 x 5.5-inch
  • Laptop sleeve dimensions (HxWxD): 33 x 24 x 2.5cm
  • Camera cube dimensions (HxWxD): 24 x 28 x 11cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)
Wandrd Prvke Lite


Like the Prvke 31 that I reviewed back in 2019 and its replacement, the all-new Prvke 31,  the Prvke Lite is made from waterproof tarpaulin and Robic 1680D ballistic nylon.

It has a top section with a roll-top closing that scrunches down and fastens with a strap that has a large metal hook, and a bottom section that’s specifically designed for carrying camera gear. This bottom section can open like a clamshell from the rear but there’s also a side entrance that’s roughly half the height of the backpack. This is useful for grabbing your camera or an alternative lens without putting the Prvke Lite down.

On the opposite side from the side opening, there’s a deep pocket that can be expanded by opening a zip. This is perfect for carrying a drinks bottle, but it can also be used to carry a tripod. In addition,  there are six short loops of webbing around the front of the bag that can be used to carry accessories, including a tripod, but no straps are supplied with the standard kit.

Wandrd Prvke Lite

The back of the backpack houses a laptop sleeve that can accommodate a 16-inch laptop. It also has three zip-close pockets that are useful for holding things like memory cards, spare batteries and business cards.

When the main zip is open to access the camera storage area, it’s also possible to access the top roll-close section via a zippered opening.

Wandrd Prvke Lite

At the top of the bag, close the top of the shoulder straps and the main compartment zip, there’s a small fleece-lined pocket that’s ideal for carrying sunglasses or loose change – although ideally not both together!

There’s another pocket on the front of the Prvke Lite. This is large but shallow and is accessed via a long zip, it’s useful for things like documents, tickets and a lens cloth or your lens caps.

In addition to the shoulder straps, the Prvke Lite has two ‘tote’ handles at its top. These have magnets to help keep them together.

Wandrd Prvke Lite

Build and handling

Wandrd has given the Prvke Lite the same rugged, durable feeling as the other backpacks in the Prvke series. It’s also water-resistant without the need for a rain cover and the wipe-clean tarpaulin means the bag always looks smart.

The Prvke Lite’s back section also has three large pads that keep it comfortable on your back and allow a little air to circulate.

In addition, the shoulder straps are well-padded and ergonomically shaped so they feel comfortable. They also have a series of webbing loops that can be used to hang accessories.

When I first saw the Prvke Lite’s chest harness connection, I thought it wouldn’t hold,  but it works extremely well.  It can’t slide up and down on its rigid attachment strip, but pulling the short cord releases it so you can snap it on at the desired point.

Wandrd Prvke Lite

The good news for female photographers is that the chest strap can mount just under your collarbone, so it’s nice and high, but it can also fasten lower down for the guys.

Wandrd Prvke Lite


I’ve used the Wandrd Prvke Lite to carry quite a wide range of camera gear and I’ve found it very comfortable even when fully laden.

There’s considerable variation in the size of mirrorless cameras and their lenses, but the Prvke Lite is compatible with many of them. Wandrd supplies a generous number of dividers with Velcro to attach them to the camera cube. This makes it very versatile. I’m also not averse to putting the odd camera accessory in the top section. Flashguns, for example, often come with a protective case, which makes them an ideal candidate for storing in the roll-top section.

At one point I used the Prvke Lite to carry the Canon EOS R5 with the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM and a couple of other smaller lenses. I even managed to squeeze the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM into that mix, but as I was heading out for a day on my feet, I decided that the weight was too much. The Prvke Lite made it comfortable to bear, but I decided to travel a bit lighter.

Smaller full-frame cameras like the Nikon Z7 II and Sony A7R IV fit very neatly within the camera section of the Prvke Lite – even with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens mounted. Wandrd has matched the side access point well for this size of camera body or smaller.

Although side access allows a camera to be removed quickly and easily from the backpack, I usually packed this area with a lens or two so that once I was shooting, I could swap lens quickly without having to put the Prvke Lite down to open the main compartment.

One disappointment with the Wandrd Prvke Lite is that it doesn’t come with any accessory straps. This means that while the side pocket is ideal for supporting a tripod, it’s likely to wobble around and fall out. I solved this problem with a Think Tank Red Whip V2. That’s a short loop of bungee cord with a fastening and it’s incredibly useful for all sorts of jobs – it’s one of our recommended camera accessories. It kept the Peak Design Travel Tripod nicely in place.

The top ‘tote’ straps are useful for transferring the Prvke Lite from one place to another, for example, stowing it in the boot of a car or stashing it in train or ‘plane luggage compartments. However, they also have a habit of getting in the way when you want to undo the zips at the top of the bag or unroll the top section. It’s not a major issue, but worth a mention.

Wandrd Prvke Lite


One of my concerns about the Wandrd Prvke Lite was that its 11-16L capacity wouldn’t be enough, but it’s actually proved to be plenty in many situations. It’s nicely sized for carrying a few lenses when I’m out on a walk with my camera, for example, but it also has enough space for a few extras when I’m out for a more ‘serious’ shoot. And there always seems to be room for one more thing in the top compartment.

In addition, the roll-up top section, the array of pockets and the dedicated laptop sleeve make the Wandrd Prvke Lite a great choice of bag for commuting with your camera. There’s enough room for work essentials plus your camera gear so you can get some photography in during your lunch hour or after work.


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1 year ago

Hi! I am looking at a Wandrd Prvke backpack for my Sony a6100, sel1655g, sel70350g, maybe a small flash. As a parent I’d like enough space on top to maybe include a small lunch container for my young daughter, a couple of snacks/bars, and a small child jacket. I would also sometimes bring a tablet but no laptop most likely. Could the Prvke lite fit all this or would it be too tight? I am petite and worry the 21l would look/be huge on me.

Thanks so much!