Reviews |Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review

Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review

The Wandrd Prvke 31 is a rugged-feeling backpack that works well for photographers when bought with the Photography Bundle

Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review

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Our Verdict

The Prvke’s durable and waterproof tarpaulin outer doesn’t just give it a great ‘urban’ look, it keeps heavy rain out without resorting to the supplied rain cover. There’s also a nice collection of pockets and the roll-up opening at the top gives plenty of scope for expansion. In addition, a side opening lets you get at your camera gear without having to put the backpack down.
Smaller photographers may find the shoulder straps are a little far apart, but the chest strap helps to keep them comfortable and improves the weight distribution.
It’s a nice-looking bag that works well as part of Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle which includes a medium camera cube, a waist belt and accessory straps.


  • Rugged design
  • Side access to camera gear
  • Roll-top design for the expandable top section


  • Top handles get in the way
  • Can be awkward to access items in the top zip pocket
  • Smaller photographers may find the shoulder straps far apart

What is the Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle?

The Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle combines the Wandrd Prvke 31 backpack with a waist belt and accessory straps plus a Medium Camera Cube insert that’s designed to hold your camera gear. Wandrd offers the Prvke 31 in three colours, green, blue and black.

There are also two versions of the Prvke, the Prvke 31 and the Prke 21. With a capacity of 21L, Prvk 21 is a good choice for everyday use while the 31L Prvke 31 is a better choice for longer trips or when you want to carry a bit more gear.


Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review

The Wandrd Prvke 31 backpack is constructed from waterproof tarpaulin and Robic 1680D ballistic nylon with weather resistant zips.

The main compartment is accessed from the back via a zip. This keeps your gear nice and safe while you carry it, but you have to take the pack off your back to access the inner depths.

Conveniently, however, a zip opening in the Medium Camera Cube aligns with an opening in the side of the bag, so you can access your camera or lens via that without putting the backpack down. This opening is on the left side of the bag (as you carry it), so you swing it round your left shoulder to open the side pocket with your right hand.

The inside of the back section has a fleece-lined pocket to house a 15-inch laptop. There’s also a large zip-closing pocket at the front of the pack which can take a laptop if you prefer to keep it at the front.

I particularly like the small zip-closing pocket in the base of the bag’s back, it’s ideal for storing your passport or cash.

On the right side of the pack there’s an expansion pocket that’s perfect for carrying a tripod.

One of my favourite features of the Prvke 31 is the roll-up closure on the top section. This is very quick and easy to use and it means you always seem to be able to squeeze in one more thing. It’s great when you want to stash an extra jumper or thin coat.

Build and Handling


Although I’m not the tallest photographer around (optimistically, I’m 5ft 2-inches), I found the Wandrd Prvke 31 very comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps are a little far apart for my liking, which means the weight is taken by the end of my shoulders. Thankfully, the chest strap pulls them in and makes the load easier to bear.

And while I’m right handed, I find it easier to twist a backpack around my right shoulder and open a side pocket with my left hand. It’s not a big issue, I can do the opposite with the Prvke, but it’s worth noting.

There are two straps either side of the top of the bag. These come in handy when you’re loading the bag into your car, or just carrying it a short distance. However, there were a few occasions when the rear strap got in the way as I lifted the bag onto my back using the shoulder straps.

There are magnets in the top straps that are designed to hold them together, but they’re not strong enough. And if you have a lot in the top section of the bag, the straps are not long enough.

Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review

Although a travel tripod slips nicely into the Prvke 31’s side pocket, it can also carry a full-size tripod like the Manfrotto 190 Go! or Gitzo GT2542.

The pocket takes the weight while the strap just above it keeps the tripod nice and tight to the bag.

Read our Manfrotto 190 Go! review


There’s something very appealing about a backpack that has a wipe-clean finish. It proved to be very useful during the recent wet weather, especially during a trip to Derbyshire with several yomps across the soggy countryside.

Although it rained very heavily on several occasions when I used the Wandrd Prvke 31, I never actually got around to fitting the supplied rain cover that lives in a pocket in the base of the bag. It seemed pointless as the water beaded and ran off the bag and my gear was bone dry when I got back to base.

But don’t be like me, fit the rain cover if it rains heavily. It only takes a few seconds to do and it has a strap that keeps it tight to the bag.

According to Wandrd, the Medium Camera Cube that comes in the bundle can hold a couple of camera bodies and four or five lenses. I used it to carry a Fuji X-Pro 3 and X-T3 along with four lenses, a DJI Osmo Pocket in a case, plus a DJI Osmo Pocket Extension Rod and a lot of other assorted accessories and the Peak Design Tech Pouch.

I was able to carry it as hand luggage on a flight, and it was comfortable to carry throughout my trip.


I always seem to keep adding stuff to my kit when I’m getting ready for a trip or a day out with my camera, so the roll-close top section of the Wandrd Prvke 31 is perfect for me.

I also like the way the bag sheds water and can be wiped clean when it gets muddy.

What surprised me about the Prvke 31 is that despite its very flat, rectangular shape, it’s very comfortable to carry. If I’m walking any real distance, I find it best to have the chest strap done up as this pulls in the shoulder straps and takes some of the weight away from my shoulders.

The secret passport pocket in the back in a nice addition, and I love the ease with which you can carry a tripod on the side of the bag.

Beauty is the eye of the beholder, but I really like clean lines of the Prvke 31 and the soft green colour makes a nice change from black. Although you can have it in black if you prefer.

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Wandrd Prvke 31 Photography Bundle Review
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