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SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II Review

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II review

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Our Verdict

It’s hard to get excited about memory cards. You want something that does the job reliably and doesn’t cost the earth. There are more affordable cards than the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II, but it works flawlessly and isn’t fussy about which camera or card slot you pop it in.

It isn’t unusual for a card to look scratched after a bit of use, but it would be nice if the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II’s looks after a few months were as good as its performance.


  • Large Capacity
  • Robust memory
  • Fast read write speeds


  • Not quite fast enough for latest action cameras and drones

What is the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II?

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II has the SD-type card form factor which means it fits in the memory card slot of a wide range of cameras. It’s a UHS-II card, which makes it compatible with the latest cameras with SD cards slots, but it can also be used in cameras with UHS-I card slots.

According to the manufacturer, the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II has a maximum write speed of 260MB/s and a maximum read speed of up to 300MB/s. That makes it suitable for use when recording 4K video as well as shooting long sequences of stills at high frame rates.

SanDisk currently offers the Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II in two capacities, 64GB and 128GB. A 256GB card is also coming to the market soon. There’s also a 32GB card which has the same specifications, but strictly speaking that’s an SDHC card rather than an SDXC card.


  • Product type: SD-type (SDXC) memory card
  • Write Speed: 260MB/s (1733x)
  • Read Speed: 300MB/s (2000)
  • Classes: UHS-II, U3
  • Protection: Shock, water, temperature, X-Ray Proof
  • Capacities: 32GB (SDHC), 64GB, 128GB
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II


As you can see from the wear to the label on the front of the card, I have used the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II extensively for a few months and it’s given great service. I’ve used it in a wide range of cameras including the recently announced Fujifilm GFX50S II and Canon EOS R3, as well as older camera such as the Panasonic S1 R and Sony A7R IV. It hasn’t skipped a beat.

Testing it in the 45.7Mp Nikon Z7 II, it enabled the expected maximum continuous shooting rate and burst depth. And, with it inserted in the SD card slot of a 2019 iMac, I was able to transfer 100 raw and 100 simultaneously captured Jpegs files, taking up 10.32GB of memory, in just under three and a half minutes.

The card has been recognised and mounted quickly every time it has been inserted in the computer memory card reader and in every camera I’ve used it in – even those that I used ahead of their official announcement.


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10 months ago

Using two 128 gig Sandisk 300mbps UHS-ii SD in my R6. Loving the performance … but expected a more solid and robust one as i paid around $440 for two.
My last sony UHS 2 M series failed with hundred of photos… never leaving Sandisk again!!!!!!!